Seto Gurans (White Rhododendron) is a flower, whose beauty is seldom known, because of its existence in inaccessible mountainous region,whereas its sister flower Lali Gurans (Red Rhododendron) found in abundance on the foothills of Nepal therefore well known and honored as the National Flower. In the same manner a large number of children are surviving under difficult situation and their rights are being neglected. Disparities based on gender,caste, creed, ethnicity and geographical barriers added to severe poverty deprive them of their rightful opportunities and are not able to bloom with their full potential. Seto Gurans is a voice for social justice for all those children human beings – who’s voice is unheard. The concept was developed in the year 1979, the international year of children.

Seto Gurans National Child Development Services

Seto Gurans National Child Development services (SGNCDS) is a pioneer organization in the field of Early Childhood Development at national, district and community level. It is registered as an Educational Non Governmental organization, working since 1979 in advocacy, introducing various modules for children, parents, community and other stakeholders. It aims to reach the hearts and minds of children from most disadvantaged groups as well as all ECD age group children, their families and communities. It has shown sincere commitment to the ideals of child centered development approaches and a belief in the rights of all children to grow their full potential – physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. At the time of its origin, there was hardly a non-governmental organization which worked for such group of children’s right.

The organization has produced independent District Seto Gurans child development service through the local team of trained human resource in 59 district out of the 75 district of Nepal with support of Save the Children.

Etymological meaning of Seto Gurans is White Rhododendron, a flower which bloom in the high altitude with environmental bottleneck. It is unfamiliar to those who are concerned to the rights of excluded group of children. At the mean time, Lali Gurans -Red Rhododendron found in abundance on the foothills of Nepal is therefore well known and honored as the National Flower. Symbolically Setogurans reflects those children who survive under difficult situation, and context with respect to gender, caste, creed, ethnicity and geographical barriers. They are also deprived of their Early childhood development rights.


Seto Gurans envisions Nepal as a country, in which the rights of all children are ensured, where all children receive quality opportunities for learning and developing their full potential, so as to grow up healthy, happy and with self-esteem, to become contributing members in future for the positive transformation of the society and the nation.

Five years Seto Gurans Vision

Seto Gurans National Child Development Services’ will play leading role in the field of Early Childhood Development at national level and assert its identity at international level as established, able, sustainable, innovative resource organization working for the promotion and expansion of ECD.



  • Provide opportunities for all round development of the children of ECD age
  • Collaborate and cooperate with stakeholders for service delivating
  • Ensure quality environment for ECD
  • Support stakeholders for the expansion, promotion and development of ECD


  • To sensitize, lobby and advocate for ECD programs
  • To provide services for the development, expansion, promotion, and innovation of ECD program
  • To support for ensuring the quality of ECD
  • To improve the economic sustainability of the institution
  • To develop and expand supportive networks for the promotion and expansion of ECD Programme
  • To develop the overall capacity of the organization