“बाल बालिकाको अन्तरनिहित क्षमता प्रस्फुटनका लागि गुणस्तर अभिवृद्धि तथा अभिभावक संलग्नता”

(Unleashing Children’s Potential Through Improved Quality and Parental Involvement) (2016-2018)

Save the Children

“Improving Quality of Early Childhood Development” (2016)


UNICEF – Unleashing Children’s Potential Through Improved Quality and Parental Involvement

Parenting Education (PE) Guidebook and Activity Cards Launch Programme
Name of the Program Unleashing Children’s Potential through Improved Quality and Parental Involvement
Event Title Parenting Education (PE) Guidebook and Activity Cards Launch Programme
Organized By Seto Gurans National Child Development Services
Supported by UNICEF
Date 26th July 2016
Venue Indreni Complex, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
Number of Participants 33 (Thirty Three)

It is a major responsibility of parents and caregivers for the care and development of child from the conception to eight years of age. During the early childhood development phase there is physical, mental, social, emotional, and language development.

The parenting education resource materials are developed for discussion and training for parents, guardians, caregivers, pregnant mothers, their husbands, and family members of the children below five years of age. To make the parents and caregivers better understand the importance of parenting education pictorial activity card has been developed. To facilitate the conduction of sessions the guidebook contains 33 sub sections.

  • – To facilitate and assist six module of parenting education developed by Department of Education
  • – To use the guidebook and activity cards by the facilitators during the Parenting Education training in the districts
  • – To educate the parents on the importance of child development


The PE book launch program started with a short opening speech by Mr. Nar Bahadur Pakhrin, Program Coordinator from Seto Gurans National Child Development services. He welcomed all the guests and participants present in the program. He then asked Ms. Kunti Rana, Executive Director of Seto Gurans NCDS to present her views.

Ms. Kunti Rana welcomed the chief guest and the participants from UNICEF Nepal and other ECD experts present in the program. She gave brief information on how the book and activity cards will be implemented in the districts. According to her, “The book is directed for five districts and 500 ECD centres and the book will play a great role in sensitization. Parenting Education is being conducted as a pilot study in these districts and the training is going to start after this week.” She expressed her best wishes for the success of the book and ended her short speech.

As per the schedule the book launch session was next and Mr. Nar Bahadur Pakhrin requested the chief guest of the program Mr. Khagaraj Baral (Director General, DOE) to launch the book. The PE book was released amidst round of applause. The book and activity cards were displayed and later signed by Mr. Baral.

The session was continued by Ms. Madhu Rajbhandari. She gave short introduction on the book and its objectives. “The concept of Parenting Education is not a new one. It started long way back. The Parenting Education Guidebook and Activity Cars are the resource materials that are developed to assist the six modules developed by Department of Education. And the book contains 36 sub topics. So, it is a kind of reference material for mentors and facilitators”, said Ms. Rajbhandari. She further added that parents should also understand about the child’s mental and physical developmental stages. There is faster holistic development in children in the first five years of child development. So, Parenting Education is essential.

Touching upon the need of developing the visual materials considering the diversity of the country, Ms. Rajbhandari stated that, “The materials developed by DOE does not seem sufficient, so we have come up with a revised package that is suitable in a diverse country like ours”. The issue of disabled child is included in the package which was not included in the DOE module, adds Ms. Rajbhandari. She concluded by saying that the package is not a complete one, but can be used beside the modules of DOE and hoped that it will succeed in reaching the 500 ECD centres.

Ms. Rajbhandari, on the later part of her presentation focused on the ways of using the guidebook and activity cards.  She explained that there are five sections with 33 sub headings. The first four topics are mandatory and other 16 topics can be selected as per the requirement. Altogether 20 sessions of Parenting Education will be conducted by the facilitators. After reading the Guidebook, facilitators should use activity cards during the sessions. A picture is shown in the front with a message in the back of each card. The resource material is developed as a full package. The survey formats are also included in the package, said Ms. Rajbhandari.

The program continued with the short speech by Dr. Dipu Shakya, ECD Specialist form UNCEF Nepal. He spoke on the importance of Parenting Education starting with home as the first school for children. He further stated that UNICEF had been investing in the field of Parenting Education for more than a decade and many research have also been done, and it is seen as an effective investment in this field. He also expressed his anticipation towards the increment of participation in the coming Parenting Education programme with the changed attitudes and increased knowledge level in the participants after completion of the programme. He appreciated the support from Seto Gurans and Department of Education for carrying out the programme.

Mr. Hari Prasad Khanal, Deputy Director from DOE presented his views next. He appreciated the contribution from Ms. Madhu Rajbhandari and Ms. Kunti Rana for bringing out the PE package. He also informed that Director General of DOE took initiative to make it a success. He pointed out that DOE saw that the new package was necessary, as the old six module package was developed many years earlier and needed the revision. There were many issues that needed to be incorporated and addressed. And the gap is fulfilled by the newly developed PE package. Mr. Khanal further added that DOE is planning to implement the package not only in the pilot districts but in 75 districts of the nation.

The program was continued with the speech by Mr. Khagaraj Baral, Director General of DOE. He stressed on the need for using the PE book in accordance to the objective with which it was developed. He further pointed out that the book shall be implemented in a simple and effective way. Focusing on the disability of children, Mr. Baral emphasized on the need for advocacy for disability in children. In order to prevent disability in children he pointed out on the need of educating women about pre planning for conceiving the child, illness and medical help where necessary. He presented a small anecdote where a child was not given space in ECD centre because he had a Down’s syndrome. Mr. Baral focused on the need of addressing the problems of such abnormal and disabled children. He ended his speech stating that the book has covered many issues related with children and should be read by all the teachers as well as parents. He thanked all those present in the program and hoped for possible revisions in the book in the near future.

As per the program schedule Mr. Jaya Ram Giri, Vice Chairperson of Seto Gurans NCDS was to present his speech next and end the program. But due to some personal problems he could not be present in the program and Ms. Agatha Thapa, Founder of Seto Gurans, instead presented the concluding remark. She focused on the fact that children enrolment in schools these days has been increased because of knowledge of parents about ECD. He also talked about child for child approach for the development of children. Talking about informing the people in an effective way, she saw the importance of media in this modernized age. She too mentioned PE as being an integral part of ECD. Ms. Thapa further talked about the need of early detection of disability and said that PE can help in it. She formally ended the program by thanking all participants for being there in the program and wishing for the success of PE program.


In conclusion, the program was successfully completed with full participation from government as well as non-government organizations. The speakers presented their views towards the newly launched PE Book and Activity Cards. They expressed their hope for the success of the PE book with effective utilization in PE training in the districts.

Save the Children- Improving Quality of Early Childhood Development

Sensitization on ECD to national level political parties sister organizations
Program Title Improving Quality of Early Childhood Development
Activity 4 Sensitization on ECD to national level political parties sister organizations
Organized by ECD Caucus
Supported by Save the Children
Technical Support by Seto Gurans National Child Development Services
Objective To sensitize sister organization of major political parties on ECD
Target 40 members of political parties sister organization will sensitize about ECD
Date 20th July 2016
Venue Indreni Foodland, New Baneshwor

      Major Achievements

  1. 80 participants received knowledge on the concept of Early Childhood Development.
  2. Despite the busy schedule, the presence of Chief Guest CP Mainali in the program was a major achievement.
  3. The program was successfully completed on time and the discussion was based on objectives.
  4. Effective media coverage. The news was published in The Himalayan Times daily newspaper and broadcasted in Mountain Television.
  5. Total 14 media persons participated in the program.
  6. Development of ECD program at the national level was taken into consideration.

UNICEF – Unleashing Children’s Potential Through Improved Quality and Parental Involvement

Training of Trainers (TOT) on Parental Education (PE)
Name of the Program Unleashing Children’s Potential through Improved Quality and Parental Involvement
Event Title Parenting Education (PE) Guidebook and Activities Cards Launch Programme
Organized By Seto Gurans National Child Development Service
Supported by UNICEF
Date 10th June-18th June 2016
Venue Indreni Complex, New Baneshwor
Number of Participants 35 (Thirty Five)

Outcomes of the Training

The major outcomes of the training are listed below:

  1. Participants got knowledge on the concept of Early Childhood Development and Parental Education.
  2. Learned the importance of Parental Education.
  3. Participants developed good presentation skills.
  4. Participants gained self confidence.
  5. Learned to work in a team.
  6. Participants gained knowledge on the difference between mentor and monitor.
  7. Learned to work with facilitators and parents.
  8. Gained knowledge on Micro-Teaching.
  9. Learned to conduct training.
  10. Improvement in Language while performing infront of the mass of the people.
  11. Learned about the personality development.
  12. Learned to use activity cards.
  13. Participants learned to fill the survey forms.
  14. Learned to prepare action plan.
  15. Participants got knowledge on Monitoring and Evaluation.
  16. Participants got clear concept on their duties and responsibilities.


UNICEF – Unleashing Children’s Potential Through Improved Quality and Parental Involvement

Workshop to promote interaction with related Ministry level Secretaries
(Activity 1.2)

Program Details:

The program was started with opening speech from honourable parliament member MS. Shiva Kumari Gotame. Then the program was continued by the presentation form Dr. Kishor Shrestha, Education Expert, who gave valuable insights on the concepts of ECD and the way forward. He gave conceptual clarity on ECD where he focused that the development of child begins from its mother’s womb. He also focused on the ‘Readiness for Primary School’ which can be achieved through access to quality holistic early childhood development, care and education for all ages.

The current status of ECD in Nepal was brought into presentation focusing on importance of on investing in ECD. Dr. Kishor emphasized on inclusion of ECD goals in SDG. Also, the need for government commitment and investment was emphasized to ensure effective implementation of ECD in the context of the global development goals. He stressed on the coordination of the activities of various Ministries, departments, organizations of the federal government, provincial governments and local governments for bringing out effective results.

Due to busy schedule, Dr. Somlal Subedi gave his short speech before the consultation discussion program. He focused on making framework that might include the roles and representation of all sectors. According to him the focus should be given from local planning position and government’s effort is must in bringing about the effective results in the field of ECD. The relapse of resource and budget in between planning and execution of the programs need to be checked, according to Dr. Subedi.

After Dr. Somlal Subedi’s short comment, the floor was opened for comments and discussions form the participants where Dr. Prem Narayan Aryal presented his views on the need of government effort to reach the places where layman does not have knowledge on ECD and impart such knowledge to the people. He also stressed that Ministry of Education need to disseminate information and make people aware on development of children for the conception phase. Also, he opined that the intra-ministry effort to go together is important for developing the field of ECD. After that Lekh Bahadur Karki from National Women Commission presented his views on bringing programs especially for those children who have become victim through gender violence. Similarly, Ram Prasad Bhattarai, Director of Women and Children Division expressed his views on development of policies. After that Jaya Ram Giri, Chairman of SGNCDS, expressed his views on overall development of children with training both at home as well as at ECD centres. Also, he stressed on giving training to parents as well. The integrated approach from policy making level is necessary, according to Mr. Giri.

Ms.Devina Pradhananga, technical chief of ECD Caucus next spoke about looking into the matters about whether or not every related ministries are helping the certain age group of children or not. And also look if local governments can work like experts if given the responsibilities.

After that, Ms. Durga Singh, Sennior Police Officer of Police Headquarter gave her opinion on giving responsibility to help the children who are victimized inside their own family due to various divorce issues and children from a single parent. According to her, building child friendly environment for creating healthy and educated children is a must.

On the later phase of the program Ms. Sita Kumari paudel gave her short speech on how ECD programme can be taken for development of the nation.

Major output of the program

  1. The program was successfully completed on time and the discussion was based on objectives.
  2. A report was prepared based on the seminar open discussion and feedback by participants.
  3. Report will be providing to all ECD related ministries office.
  4. A review meeting was conducted after workshop and discussed about the outcome of program and come to the point that program objective need be very clear in coming days.
  5. There was effective media coverage from The Himalayan Times, Nagarik Daily and Nepal Samacharpatra


UNICEF – Unleashing Children’s Potential Through Improved Quality and Parental Involvement

Workshop on District Integrated Plan (DIP) and Village Development Committee (VDC) planning for district
Program Title Unleashing Children’s Potential through Improved Quality and Parental Involvement.
Output 2 Strengthened multi-sectoral ECD planning system in program districts through sensitization and capacity building of the district ECD committee including VDC integrated planning committee.
Activity 2.1 Workshop on District Integrated Plan (DIP) and Village Development Committee (VDC) planning for district.
Supported by UNICEF Nepal
Organized by Seto Gurans National Child Development Services
Collaboration With Department of Education
Venue Dhulikhel Training Centre
Date 13th- 15th May, 2016
Number of Participants 16
Number of Outside Expertise
Purpose of the Program The three days workshop was conducted to provide information on District and VDC level integrated plan for Early Childhood Development to the participants of 15 different districts.


Key Results

  1. 5 participants from KIRDARC, Saipal Development Society and NGOCC got familiar with SetoGurans National Child Development Services.
  2. 16 participants got knowledge on the importance of District and VDC level integrated plan for Early Childhood Development.
  3. 16 participants got knowledge on DIP making process.
  4. 5 districts coordinator and District Education Office (DEO) focal persons prepared a format to select mentors.
  5. Participants got knowledge on well monitoring of DIP budget and its implementation.
  6. Participants got clear idea on holistic development and integrated approach.
  7. Participants got clear ideas of their roles and responsibilities to be performed in their particular district.



UNICEF – Unleashing Children’s Potential Through Improved Quality and Parental Involvement

Workshop on PCA for Planning, Survey and Working Strategy

Project Name:- Unleashing Children’s  potential through improved quality and parental involvement.

Partner Organization:- UNICEF, Nepal.

Collaboration with: Department of Education

Output:-3 Strengthened National and District level ECD facilitators/teachers training system

For quality ECD interventions.

Activity: – 3.1, Workshop on PCA for Planning, Survey and Working Strategy (3 days, 5 project focal person of 5 districts )  Participant And DEO Focal person.

Propose of the program: –  A three day workshop on planning, survey and working strategy will be held for the District Education Office (DEO) focal persons and Seto Gurans district chapters of Achham, Bajura, Mugu, Kalikot and Mahottari. Focal persons and district trainers/ coordinators will be oriented on detail components of the program and survey format for formative assessment. Five district’s plan of action will be developed as output of this workshop.

First Day:- Program was started by lightening candle and unfold the banner by Executive Director(ED) Kunti Rana and representative of Setogurans District chapter than welcome speech was given by Pranila Shakya to all participants and introduction Session was conducted. ED has introduced about the organization and its values than program coordinator Nar Bahadur Pakhrin has presented about the project goal, objective, and activities of the project and its working areas.

Participants were shared about the ECDs in their area:-  District Education Officer has said,” ECD pass child are 9% good score in grade one than non ECD educated child.” DEO, Mugu said that some ECD are merging in school and this is violating the rights of preprimary child because due to long distance of school child start to stop going regular school. DEO, Acham said that condition of the some ECD are very in community as well as school as compare to community school base ECD are good.  DEO Mahottari said that ECD is base for the future of family, community and nation so we have to invest in ECDs.

Second Day:- UNICEF staffs ( Dipu Shakya, Radhika Tumbahamfe, Bimala Manandhar and Shree Krishna Maiju) were participated in the second day of the program.  Radhika Madam Shared the challenge to implement program in Far western Hill and Mountain region and prefer to local language based on the community. She suggest to chose project area making cluster and don’t go in scatter way. Bimala Madam has hared that we have to collaboration with other project and organization who are working for the same approach but need to reduce duplication of the project. Dipu sir shared about the Global Movement of ECD, Why parental education is important and why ELM and target are and population of project. He also presented the Data about ECDs of Nepal.  It is really great that project area selection criteria were finalized on the basis of need in the witness of DEO.

3rd Day:- Monitoring and Evalution officer SGNCDS shared about the Formative assessment and why it is important and how we conduct it in our project and a formative is developed for survey form and DEO and Setogurans District chapter were finalized it group work, and finalized date of formative assessment.



Save the children Heart project

  • World Vision project